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just another sunny day… in Paradise!

We just got back from our vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! The trip is an annual tradition that a close group of us started a few years ago, so that we can get together to celebrate good times no matter where our lives may take us. It was everything we hoped it would be – beautiful white sand beaches, gorgeous sunshine (minus a day of rain), nonstop all-inclusive eating and drinking, and all the silliness to be expected when old friends get together for a good time.

Since this was going to be Sander’s first time at the beach, we were nervous about how he’d handle the flight/sunshine/sand/ocean/questionable resort food, but the little bubs had the time of his life! It looks like there may be more beach trips in our future. To happiness!!!




palm trees, blue waters, and baby

I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m just not going to believe it until it actually happens. Believe what, you ask? That the hubs and I can get our act together to take the fam on a vacation to the Dominican Republic later this week! (wow that felt so good, I think I’m just going to type it again. The Dominican Republic. Yup.) No but seriously, we really want this to happen. But the conditions, including but not limited to the following, feels just a tiny bit daunting, borderline insurmountable.
1. avoid giving baby food poisoning
2. avoid losing baby on the plane, on the beach, or at other unplanned location,
3. prevent baby from leaving a gift in the pool in the form of an explosion.
4. Etc. Etc.

And it is with worries like these that I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. And before you think I’m pulling your cyber leg while sipping on a preparatory margarita, here’s a snippet of a fun conversation between the hubs and I last night. Yes. Exactly 3 days before the trip.

 Did you buy the baby swim trunks?
 Why?? It was on your to do list!!!..!!
 Can't he just wear disposable diapers?
 (cue mental image of baby's diaper absorbing half a tank of water and baby proceeding to slowly sink.)
 No. Please just get diapers made for the water.
 Ok. Fine.
 Did you at least get the baby sunglasses yet?
 Wait, why does the baby need sunglasses?
 Why do you need sunglasses, honey?
 Ok fine, but geez.. hat, flip-flops, sunglasses, it's like he's a real person already.

And with that, here’s a list of what we will have hopefully packed by the time we leave, so that when you’re planning a similar trip, you might actually be serving yourself a margarita instead of a tranquilizer. Cheers!!


1. Baby Beach Tent
2. Baby Powder (to remove sand!)
3. Baby Sunglasses
4. Bug Repellent
5. Floaties!
6. Baby Sun Hat
7. Snacks
8. Rash Guard
9. Disposable Swim Diapers
10. Baby Sunblock

Or if you want to see the entire thing, check out the full packing list. Best of luck!

Sunny Day at the Randall Museum

Happy Friday! Looking out the window at the torrential rainstorm, I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the unseasonably warm weather we had here last weekend. And now I’m sifting through photos as my escape. If you’re somewhere equally miserable, here’s a little sunshine for you!

To take advantage of our luck (70-something degrees in January, I meeean..), we packed a little picnic and had a little family day at The Randall Museum. What is that, you ask?? It is only one of the best little secrets that makes this city so darn incredible and has me wishing I had spent my childhood in San Francisco. It’s a magical place filled with SF-inspired treasures, gifted with love from the city to its curious little citizens of all shapes and sizes, kept free so that everyone can have a chance to participate.

I can just imagine it: I’d walk hand-in-hand with my parents up the hilly and quiet Corona Heights neighborhood, arriving at our destination at the top of the hill to a sweeping view of the entire city below – almost within reach, yet an entire world away. We would spread ourselves out on the lawn below the towering trees and munch on snacks while listening to the sound of birds all around us.

Afterwards, we would head into the museum and I would run straight into the animal room to say hi to the resident barn owl, hawk, raccoon, and turtles who are there to rehabilitate. I would pet the bunnies and guinea pigs (and one curious duck) on the little petting farm. Then I would race downstairs to what might be the world’s biggest model train exhibit and, while pretending to be Godzilla, proceed to wreck havoc on the miniature city’s miniature inhabitants! Roar!!!!

Oh and by the way, that’s exactly how our day unfolded 🙂


And afterwards, because we’re all about equal treatment of babies both human and furry, Puff got to roam around the hill behind Randall. Wait, did I mention how gorgeous the view here is (despite a little fog rolling in at this point)? Seriously, how did we get so lucky? Our home is beautiful.20150115_121136

Have yourselves a great weekend!

a whole lotta SCRAP

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially, literally, discovered heaven (or your worst nightmare, if you are my husband).  It’s called SCRAP, a “creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California. SCRAP breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to landfill every year.” Basically this a flea market exploded, a hoarder’s dream come true. You’ll find nothing you’re looking for and everything you’re not.

But really, though. Look at this trove, isn’t it neat?? It’s got gadgets and gizmos and whozits and whatzits and thingamabobs – seriously, how many wonders can one cavern hold??


Because what is a junk warehouse without creepy dolls and old Chinese coins?blog_scrap4blog_scrap8blog_scrap9

Old-school Kodachrome slides of random people’s pictures, because why not?blog_scrap5 blog_scrap6 blog_scrap7

As if it couldn’t get any better, the coolest part of the whole experience was at the checkout. The cashier casually examined my huge bag of jars, felt paper, neon foam, fabric scraps, stickers, jars, a pool noodle (I know!!), and said..

“That’ll be 3 dollars total.”
“Oh wait, sorry I also got these.” And I took a few more thingamabobs out of my pocket.
“Oh ok. Your total is still 3 dollars.”

I meeeaaaan. But seriously why is this city so freaking awesome?